Repair Services

Through our co-branded repair partners nationwide, Fast Phone Fix offers full-service local cell phone repair within 15 minutes. See our Store Locator page for the nearest shop to you. Or are you interested in joining our network? Contact us at (972) 977-7927 today!

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Phone Parts Supplier

Fast Phone Fix is quickly becoming one of the largest smart device parts wholesalers / suppliers in the U.S. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we offer same-day shipping on a huge breadth of quality and affordable phone parts inventory to our affiliated repair shops nationwide.

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Fast Phone Fix offers aggressive rates for recycling buy-back services on broken LCD assemblies and other smart phone parts. Recycling services are exclusive to industry phone and computer repairs shops both in and out of our Fast Phone Fix network.

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Fast Phone Fix Partnerships

Are you a current retail business owner (packing/shipping, printing, office supplies, computer repair, convenience store, etc.)? Looking to increase revenue? Ever considered cell phone repair?

There are over 8,000 independent repair shops scattered throughout the U.S. Customers struggle to distinguish between the legitimate and the "fly-by-night" pop-up shops. Regardless, the vast majority generate a handsome income! But consider this... they pay rent, utilities, insurance, etc. Yet they're making good money offering just one service - phone repair! What if I told you phone repair happens on a small desktop no more than 24" x 24"? And a trained technician completes a $100 repair in less than 15 minutes (and that most shops turn 5 to 10+ repairs a day)? They spend heavily on internet marketing. Do you already have decent walk-in traffic?

Today, the industry is trending away from shops offering only repairs exclusively. Instead, "mini shops" are popping up in chains like Staples, Batteries Plus, etc. That's because they can fold phone repair into their current offerings, increasing revenues overnight with virtually no additional overhead! Sound interesting? Oh yeah, and did we mention there's no up front fee or ongoing royalty to join our nationwide network?

San Diego cohort of Postal Annex+ and AIM Mail Center franchisees.

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If you'd like to learn more, call us at (972) 977-7927 or visit our Licensing Opportunities page for more information, including pricing.