Annex Brands National Convention!

We at Fast Phone Fix are excited about attending the Annex Brands National Convention next week: April 19th – 23rd, in Las Vegas. Fast Phone Fix has been chosen as the recommended vendor for adding mobile phone repair into the catalog of services offered by their mail and parcel franchisees. At the convention, we’ll be demonstrating our proprietary cell phone repair techniques, as well as the many tools available to our FPF-certified repair locations (including training manuals, forms, repair videos, logos and graphics for marketing, etc.).

Our next Phase of new trainees begins in May 2017 and will continue through our training process for 3 months before graduating into fully certified FPF repair locations. Each phase of training is limited to 15 locations. So far, we have 10 locations already confirmed for May. We hope to quickly fill the 5 remaining slots at the convention and begin signing up locations for the next phase which will begin around August 1, 2017, and run through August/September/October.

A typical training consists of the following: 1) 2 days of intensive face-to-face training. Our May training will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 5th and 6th, at the Annex Brands corporate office in San Diego, CA. 2) After training, all 15 locations will participate in an 8-week series of conference calls that include training/support, as well as sales and marketing coaching to ensure all locations begin generating maximum revenue right out of the gate. Once the 8-week training is completed, the locations graduate, but continue to have access to our training manuals, videos, and our technical support line. Rather than a typical up-front fee and on-going royalty, our partner locations only pay $1,500 up front to purchase a starter pack of repair tools and phone parts inventory. With this purchase, FPF includes the training, conference calls, etc, free of charge. The only requirement is that our partners agree to purchase their parts inventory exclusively from FPF (and FPF in return agrees to keep our pricing within a competitive range).

If you’re interested in getting one of the spots for our upcoming training, we still have a few slots available for the May training in San Diego. And we’re just now beginning to confirm locations for the next wave of trainees. For those trainees, we will be offering two options for the face-to-face training: 2 days in Denver, CO; or 2 days in Dallas, TX.

Please visit our website at or give us a call at (972) 977-7927 with any questions! You do not have to be an Annex Brands franchisee to take part in our training! We are opening up slots to current business owners in mail and parcel, office supply, truck stop, etc. The only requirement is that you already own another retail business and would like to add an additional revenue stream to it!

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