How to Increase Revenues with Virtually No Additional Overhead

Are you a current retail services business owner (packing/shipping, printing, office supplies, computer repair, etc)? Looking for a way to grow your revenue streams? Have you ever considered the cell phone repair business? OK, OK, just bear with me...

There are over 8,000 independent cell phone repair shops scattered throughout the United States. Customers struggle to distinguish between the legitimate, established businesses and the "fly-by-night" pop-up shops. And believe it or not, the vast majority of them are generating a handsome income! But think about this... they have to pay retail rent on a physical space, plus utilities, insurance, etc., etc. You get the idea. Yet they're still making good money offering just one service - cell phone repair!

But what if I told you that cell phone repair can happen on a small desktop no larger than 24" x 24"? And that a trained technician could complete a $100 repair in less than 15 minutes (and that most repair shops are doing a minimum of 5 to 10 repairs per day)? These shops expend heavily on internet marketing and other advertising channels. Do you already have decent walk-in traffic?

Today, the industry is trending away from shops offering only repairs exclusively. Instead, "mini shops" are popping up in chains like Staples, Batteries Plus, etc. That's because they've discovered they can fold cell phone repair into their current offerings, easily increasing their revenues overnight with virtually no additional overhead!

Sound interesting? Give Fast Phone Fix a call at (972) 977-7927. Oh yeah, and did I mention there's no up front fee or ongoing royalty to join our nationwide network?????????

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